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Jo Jobling | Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai, UAE | jo@jocolephotography.com | +971 50 2428099

When all is fair in love and war!

February 26, 2017

Well, let me start from the beginning.... I first met Zhineh 7 years ago when she came into the photography studio I was once working at. I remember being blown away by her energy, her zest for life, and thinking, this pocket-sized beauty was fricking awesome and someone that I would always admire. We kept in touch, we worked together occasionally, I'd bump into her and Tom at gigs and we knew each others life occurrences through social media, this brings me to Tom. Their relationship has always been admirable, their love for each other was something you'd think you would only see in movies, it was a deep and honest love and something you wouldn't think could get any better, right? Wrong. Tom proved more than that. So much so, that in March last year, after Zhineh had undergone many health scares, Tom turned out to be the perfect match for Zhineh's kidney transplant. Scary right? This guy stepped up, he saved the life of the woman he loved (See here for this story). Tom proposed to his woman, there and then, still in the UK and still unsure when she could return, Zhineh was busy planning her dream wedding, she messaged me and asked if I would be free a year from now to photograph her wedding, of course I said yes, I was free and was so excited! Zhineh's style is much like my own, I knew it would be a dream wedding to photograph! This now brings me on to my desire to photograph a "Trash the Dress". I had been looking for a couple for over a year to participate in a Trash the Dress shoot, but understandably, when you've spent a small fortune on your dress, you're not going to be keen on trashing it with paint are you? So, I'd seen that Zhineh and Tom had gone to Thailand to celebrate and have their own little intimate wedding ceremony so decided to approach her and see if she would be up for the shoot. Of course she was! It was the perfect scenario! 


We met in Satwa on a late Saturday afternoon. Tom was not prepared for what was to come.. hahahaha so, as he discovered, a "trash the dress" shoot was NOT just about trashing the dress. He too would get covered in paint. This meant war! They started friendly, covering their initials in paint until the urge became too much, and they forgot the letter painting and started covering each other! My photographic dream had FINALLY become a reality. I had waaaayyyyyyyy too many pics to choose from to display in this post, but I think I have done it some justice, so enjoy :-) 




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