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Jo Jobling | Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai, UAE | jo@jocolephotography.com | +971 50 2428099

August 5, 2018

Instagram is an amazing opportunity get your brand out there with over 150 million active users. When it comes to filling your feed you need to remember a few key points.

Find natural light.

First and foremost you should always look for natural light. You want to always...

July 30, 2018

Being a wedding photographer is a tough job, throughout the day we are quite often required to wear many hats. It's important to make sure everyone is photographed properly- including bridesmaids.

November 15, 2017

 So today I received my wooden boxes and USBs and I LOVE THEM! I have kept all the colourful bits and pieces to one side waiting patiently for my boxes to arrive and how scrummy do they look?! Packaging, branding and giving my clients more is where it's at! Hope you lo...

October 16, 2017

Firstly you will need to have a shortlist of photographers whose styles that you love, once you have narrowed it down to 2-3 then you can arrange meetings. When it comes to choosing a photographer for your big day it is important you meet in person if possible, you wil...

September 18, 2017

There are few subjects as beautiful as maternity photos of an expecting Mum. During my first pregnancy I was very conscious of my changing body, I took photographs of my bump every 4 weeks to document but there was no way I was going to let anyone else near me with a c...

July 2, 2017

The popularity of high resolution and 4K cameras means a high-quality monitor is essential. I was very excited to test run the new BenQ SW320 31.5 inch 4K monitor, which caters for both photo and video editing.  Earlier this year I reviewed the BenQ SW2700PT and was im...

April 12, 2017

When I turn up to a photo shoot I quite often get told that I have a lot of

equipment! I take all my gear to every shoot so I can be prepared for any

eventuality but thought it would probably be quite useful to write about the

lenses I use to photograph a wedding starting...

March 29, 2017

As you will all probably know, I honestly believe that your wedding photography is the single most important part of your day. This is not me being biased because I am a photographer but your photographs are what hold your memories and quite frankly the only thing you...

February 22, 2017

So, you’ve booked your photographer, you’ve got the dress sorted, now its time to think about your wedding day make-up.

First and foremost I would highly recommend booking a professional make-up artist, a pro will know how to apply make-up for the camera.

Start researchi...